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Does travel insurance cover cancer related treatment?

Travel insurance that covers cancer related treatment. To be covered for emergency medical problems related to your cancer while you’re travelling, you need a policy that says the insurance company will cover you for this. You must tell the insurance company about the cancer when you apply for cover.

Can I get holiday insurance if I have cancer?

Often, people with a cancer diagnosis can find it harder to get cover for their holiday. If you can find a policy to cover you, it can usually cost more as often insurers see you as a higher risk for making a claim than someone with no medical conditions. At Insurancewith, we work differently to the rest of the market.

How do I find a travel insurance broker for cancer?

You can find a qualified and regulated insurance broker through the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA). If your travel insurance policy has a cancer-related exclusion, you will not be covered for any claims related to the cancer. Make sure you understand exactly what you are and are not covered for.

What does annual Travel Insurance Cover Me for?

Annual insurance covers you for multiple trips in the same year. If you have an annual policy and are diagnosed with cancer during the period of your cover, you may need to tell your insurer. You should check your policy to make sure. This also applies to family members if there is a risk they may have to cancel a holiday because of your health.

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