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What is Pacific cancer Medical Center?

Pacific Cancer Medical Center is a medical group practice located in Anaheim, CA that specializes in Physician Assistant (PA) and Hematology, and is open 5 days per week. Does Pacific Cancer Medical Center ... Does Pacific Cancer Medical Center offer weekend appointments? Is Pacific Cancer Medical Center physically located within a hospital?

Who are the oncologists at Pacific Cancer Center?

Jayaram Bharadwaj, MD, is a Board-certified Medical Oncologist. Prior to joining Pacific Cancer Medical Center, Inc., Dr. Jay was affiliated with New Mexico Oncology Hematology Cancer Center, New Mexico. Dr. Jay joined our practic... Thiri Khin, M.D. is Board-certified medical Oncologist & Hematologist.

How can Pacific Cancer Institute help veterans with cancer?

Pacific Caner Institute has stepped up to show how men and women with cancer, including veterans, can be treated with exceptional care close to home. In an initiative to bring awareness to their community and the 12,000 veterans in Maui County, Pacific Cancer Institute promoted some compelling statistics regarding cancer diagnosis in veterans.

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