Looking for Mater Breast Cancer Centre Details, Get all information about Mater Breast Cancer Centre in this Post.

What is the Mater Private breast cancer centre?

Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre offers professional, personal service to people with breast cancer, disorders and problems of the breast. The Centres have been established at both Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and Mater Private Hospital Redland to provide expert diagnosis and treatment to people of all ages.

Why choose mater for breast cancer care?

Mater has earned a reputation for excellence in the provision of breast cancer care with centres located at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and Mater Private Hospital Redland.

Can I have radiotherapy for breast cancer at Mater Hospital?

Radiation Oncology is not available on site at the Mater Hospital’s breast health unit, so if you require radiotherapy for breast cancer, you may be referred to another hospital for this treatment.

How many Queensland women have received breast cancer treatment at Mater?

One in four Queensland women diagnosed with breast cancer will receive their treatment at Mater. Every day, Mater's multi-disciplinary team supports these superwomen through the toughest challenge they will ever face.

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