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How do I file a guardian life insurance claim?

You can also call 1-800-525-4542 to start the claim process with a customer service representative. You will need an original death certificate (certified) to file your claim. There are two kinds of Guardian Life Insurance policies – individual and group.

Why choose guardian for your cancer insurance?

What sets Guardian apart from other insurers is that we've been putting our group benefits knowledge to work for businesses like yours for over 50 years. Our longstanding reputation for reliability means that your employees not only get cancer coverage they can count on – they get outstanding service and fast, reliable payment of their claims.

What is group cancer insurance?

With cancer insurance, an insured person receives a lump-sum amount for the diagnosis & treatment of cancer which they can spend however they choose. Group cancer insurance is an affordable way for you to address rising medical costs while strengthening your employee benefit package. Why choose Guardian Cancer Insurance?

What is a cancer insurance policy?

Cancer insurance is an employee benefit that can complement your other insurance offerings. While, most people can appreciate the importance of having health and disability insurance, the costs of cancer can go well beyond what they cover. Cancer insurance may be an affordable way to provide additional funds to help cover out-of pocket expenses.

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