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What is the role of community health nurses in health education?

• The community health nurses is involved in giving incidental/casual/spontaneous health education according to the situation. (washing of hands before a child eats) 19. • These functions refer to as “HEALTH EDUCATOR ROLE”

What are some examples of Community Health Nursing?

Here are 5 examples of organizations and facilities that rely on community health nurses: 1 1. Community health centers In this setting, a community health nurse may work directly with members of the community to address their medical needs.

What factors determine the roles&functions of a community health nurse?

• There are various factors which determine the roles & functions of a community health nurse. They are as follows. 3. • The designated position. • The organization’s policies. • The number and type of other health workers. 4. • The family’s & community’s expectations. • The community health nurses’ own perception and abilities. 5.

What is the role of a community care provider?

CARE PROVIDER She provides a continuous and comprehensive are to the familily, group of people and community at large. 8. • She emphasizes more on promotive and preventive health care. 9. • The community health nurse appraoches the family and persuades them to implement promotive and preventive measures.
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