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What are the social factors that affect health?

There are several factors which directly or indirectly affect the health. Among these social, cultural, and envi­ronmental factors play dominant role for determining the individual and group health. The social groups to which people belong are the family, the kinship and caste, religion, village, town or city and the state.

What are the factors that determine the health of an individual?

1. Heredity: Genes determine the health of an individual from the moment of conception. The genetic makeup cannot be altered. Some diseases like diabetes and mental retardation have genetic origin. So the health of an individual depends on his genetic constitution. 2. Environment:

What are external factors that affect your health?

External factors pertain to the direct outer environment, the geographical location and micro-organisms that could affect an individual's health. Lifestyle -- or a typical way of life, as health specialists often define it -- could affect an individual's health and life expectancy.

What are the factors that affect health of women?

So they are prone for heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Education especially female education has an influence on health. Education helps people to understand the importance of clean environment and maintaining good health. Starvation has an adverse effect on health.

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