Looking for Dr Asif Shifa Cancer Clinic Details, Get all information about Dr Asif Shifa Cancer Clinic in this Post.

What is Shifa Surgical Oncology?

Liver Cancer: Shifa Surgical Oncology involves a dedicated team of surgical oncologists, liver transplant surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, nurses, and coordinators for treatment of all kinds of Liver Cancers requiring surgical intervention. We treat all kinds of benign and cancerous liver tumors, cirrhosis, etc.

Why choose Shifa International Hospital Islamabad for bone marrow transplant?

Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad has been performing the most challenging cases of Bone Marrow Transplant and have performed more than 250 Bone Marrow Transplants. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a drug treatment to kill cancer cells in patients.

Which is the best cancer treatment facility in Pakistan?

Please try again later. Shifa Cancer Center is recognized as one of the top cancer treatment facilities in Pakistan. Shifa Cancer Center is a center of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of various cancer types in Pakistan since the early 1990s.

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