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How does colonial life cancer insurance work?

With Colonial Life cancer insurance policies: Coverage options are available for you, your spouse and your eligible dependents. Benefits are payable directly to you, unless you specify otherwise. Benefits are payable regardless of any insurance you have with other companies. Some policies can be taken with you even if you change jobs.

Where can an employee find a copy of their colonial life policy?

I have an employee with a Colonial Life cancer insurance policy. Where can they find a copy of their policy? To view a copy of their policy, update contact information or manage their Colonial Life insurance, employees should log in to their account. If they don’t have an account, they can register here.

How do I notify colonial life of a loss of life?

To notify Colonial Life about the loss of life of a life insurance policyholder, please complete the loss of life notification form to begin the process of filing a life insurance claim. Can I keep my life insurance coverage if I leave my job?

Who underwrites your colonial life insurance?

Colonial Life products are underwritten by Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, for which Colonial Life is the marketing brand. 2008 Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company 1200 Colonial Life Boulevard, Columbia, South Carolina 29210 PS00715

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