Looking for Cancer Centre Canberra Details, Get all information about Cancer Centre Canberra in this Post.

What services are available at Canberra region cancer centres?

Canberra Region Cancer Centre has chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as providing haematological services. Cancer surgery and cancer genetics services are available at​ Canberra Hospital.

Why choose icon Canberra for cancer?

Located on-site at Canberra Specialist Medical Centre, Icon Canberra is led by a team of highly experienced cancer specialists who provide a wide range of cutting-edge treatment options including radiation therapy, chemotherapy and treatment for blood disorders.

What does the medical oncology department do at Canberra Hospital?

Additional Information: The Medical Oncology Department at Canberra Hospital focuses on the care, treatment and management of patients with cancer.

How is cancer treated at Icon Cancer Centre?

Administration of blood products and supportive therapies such as hormone treatments, bisphosphonates and iron infusions Radiation therapy uses radiation to destroy cancer cells, reduce their growth or relieve symptoms of cancer. Find out more about radiation treatment at Icon Cancer Centre Canberra.

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