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What is the UW Health Cancer Center at Prohealth Care?

The UW Health Cancer Center at ProHealth Care in Pewaukee is the centerpiece of that partnership. All of the services offered, from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship, have the same goal - helping patients and their families live well after a cancer diagnosis.

What is the UW Health-UW Carbone Cancer Center partnership?

Our unique partnership between UW Health and the University of Wisconsin is about getting the right information to help create precise health approaches and care for patients. Become a volunteer — help at UW Carbone Cancer Center events.

Where can I find more information about cancer in Wisconsin?

In the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Statistic Center, you’ll find information about Wisconsin’s cancer incidence, mortality, and survival rates, screening metrics, and risk factors.

What is the history of the University of Wisconsin Cancer Center?

About the University of Wisconsin Cancer Center. Established in 1938, the Carbone Cancer Center was the first cancer research center founded by a university in the United States. Even now, our faculty, scientists, researchers, and support staff give of themselves day-to-day with a shared dream of defeating cancer worldwide.

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