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Can you be denied health insurance if you have cancer?

You cannot be denied insurance if you have cancer. Children with cancer cannot be turned down for coverage. If you qualify and want to take part in a clinical trial, your health plan must help pay for routine costs associated with approved clinical trials. A trial may help you get new cancer treatments.

What happens if my health insurance company denies my treatment?

Even if your insurer ultimately denies your treatment, (after you fight the denial) keep in mind that they are not the ultimate authority on your health. Though it may be a major expense, the option to self-pay still remains.

Does health insurance cover cancer care if you have cancer?

These protections are available even if you have cancer: There is no dollar limiton how much an insurance company spends on covered expenses for your health care. Annual and lifetime limits have gone away.

Does health insurance cover mental health services for cancer patients?

Mental Health Support During Cancer Treatment Many people have depression and anxiety during cancer treatment. You can get depression screening at no extra cost. Health plans sold on state Marketplaces, through the individual market, and through small employers must cover mental health services.

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