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Can you make a hospital gown into a fashion item?

An artist battling cancer has come up with an inventive way of coping through her radiation treatment – by modifying her hospital gowns to make them into fashionable garments. Allie Olson, 40, shared photos and videos of her Radiation Runway project online as a way of staying positive and inspiring others going through similar treatment.

What is a comfort care gown?

The Comfort Care gowns are available in a variety of styles to accommodate a range of medical procedures and offer a full cut for optimal coverage. The full-length, reversible gowns are versatile and may be worn as front and rear-opening.

How can I Make my gown more comfortable for patients?

With a wrap-around attached belt, a generous cut and stylish trim, this robe is a great way to increase patient comfort. With a generous cut and both inside and outside ties to ensure complete coverage whether it opens in the front or the rear, this versatile gown is guaranteed to increase patient comfort.

Are your linen gowns adding to the patient experience?

Providing quality patient care is your number one goal, and linen plays its part. Are your gowns adding to the patient experience at your outpatient department or medical facility? Ours do.

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